Get It Tight! Get It Right!

When thinking about getting it tight and getting it right, immediately you want to know what exercises can transform the body to look and feel better - tomorrow, okay maybe by next month.  We want the benefits of a healthy body, right away.  Some of us just want to lose a little around the middle, tighten up the thighs, and/or shape up the arms.  Some want to improve health, whether it's failing you now or it seems to be destined due to inherited traits.  Whatever your motivation is to get it tight, I want these 4 aspects of life to be the root of that motivation to get it right.

(1)Your spiritual appreciation of the human body.  If you are in touch with a Creator of Life, I can't think of a reason or excuse why you wouldn't show it by your "works" of treasuring the Gift that was given.  Even if you believe the body is a product of evolution, your spiritual appreciation of what the body does or what the body can do will keep you in awe of this magnificent creation.  We take our bodies for granted until we start having problems.  Allow your spirituality to keep you in check to be progressive, to be proactive, and to be protective.

(2)Your emotional ability to reciprocate a good deed or act.  Stress is an emotion that kills.  Hatred is an emotion that kills.  Jealous fits of anger, and not being forgiving can also be added to the list.  Chemically, the body is affected by these negative emotions.  We must learn how to help one another, up-build one another, love one another, and be kind to one another.

Share your thoughts and plans for getting it tight.  Learn how to receive these positive intentions and not sabotage another's goals with your lack of emotional support or lack of ability to reciprocate.  Learn to give back positive energy.  I know it's easier said than done, but we are supposed to be made in the image of a higher being or evolving into such.  We must act like it!  Stop just taking and not giving.  There is not one positive emotion that makes you feel bad inside or out.  So share a positive emotion daily with someone.

(3)Your mental awareness of what's going on in this world.  We should be outspoken and empathetic about the thousands of people dying for the sake of war.  But how often do we think about the 10 million cancer patients reported in 2002?  A little over half a million die each year of this dis-ease, with costs at $2.3 billion.  Seventeen million have diabetes which rakes in $132 billion in cost.  In 2002, 654,00 died of heart disease, 150,000 strokes, 123,000 chronic respiratory disease, 73,000 of diabetes and 65,00 of Alzheimer's. 

No cure, but only treatment, is given.  As a matter of fact, it is more profitable for you to be sick than healthy.  This is not news, but what many don't realize is that 80% of all diseases could be eliminated if we ate properly and exercised. 

We must take a stand mentally, to secure better health.  Mentally challenge yourself to go out and have fun with your family, friends or mate and not make eating the highlight of the night.  Make mental choices when you shop, cook or eat out.  Mentally remind yourself that the body needs exercise, and that the body was created to function with vigor, power and speed.  Give it what it wants.  No matter how young or old you are, mentally tell yourself "I can benefit from exercise and proper eating".

(4)Your physical activity comes in many forms.  For starters, activities in the home provide a means of activity like dancing while cleaning, playing outside with the children or even gardening.  If the focus is to live then one must be involved in life.  But if you use the gym, then your workouts should be progressive. You should be getting stronger, faster and more powerful.  You must have a plan and be consistent.  Every little bit helps.  If you fall off, don't waste time to get back on track.

Yes, there are countless numbers of diet plans, exercise equipment, books, TV programs and health professionals that have been used to improve one’s health and appearance, but in my interactions with thousands of people, I have found that if these 4 aspects of life are not used to fuel your efforts to improve your lifestyle, your journey will be a long one.  I don't want you to run out of fuel before reaching your goal. 

Get it TIGHT, RIGHT now! 

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  • The Body Wedge Kit Workshop
    17 Jun, 2018

    Suffering from lingering pain, recurring headaches, tightness or restriction of movements? Want to relieve pain and correct dysfunctions?

    Trigger points are sore sport that occur in a muscle; they may be active or latent. Using an applied pressure technique to your muscles you will begin to: Eliminate pain; reduce swelling, stiffness and neuromuscular pain; increase range of motion; Relieve tension; Improve circulation, flexibility and coordination.

    A FREE workshop, techniques and tips will be shared to restore and maintain natural ease of movement. Body Wedge Kit will be available for purchase. www.bodywedge.com

    Location: 310 S. Racine, John Hall Studios, 8th floor (Be prepared to remove shoes at door and silence cell phones)

    Time: 11:45 sharp

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  • 5-3-1 Flush Workshop
    10 Jun, 2018

    Find out what you've been missing. Discover a lighter, healthier, revitalized you!

    This easy-to-follow program helps you release everyday toxins that linger in your cells. It will delight your body with natural nutrients from the earth and its waters. The 5-3-1 FLUSH program will establish a lifestyle using alkaline based food and herbs that the body should be digesting regularly. This meatless based program also introduces user to a plethora of herbs that is key to helping the body regenerate and decrease all dis-eases. Kit cost is $165, workshop is free. Click HERE to purchase kit.

    Location: 310 S. Racine, John Hall Studios, 8th floor

    Time: 12:00 sharp until 1:30pm